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How to apply

How to apply:


Only UIC Bioengineering undergraduates will have the opportunity to study abroad in Canada or Mexico with NARETI. We are looking to only send the strongest UIC Bioengineering students abroad under this program,. Because of this the application process is competitive , so please do your best to fully address all of the questions as best as you can. Travel to Mexico requires you to demonstrate some level of Spanish language ability.


Students must carefully choose a program of study in one of the 4 locations: 

1.      University of Calgary

2.     University of Toronto

3.     University of Guadalajara

4.     Tec de Monterrey (Guadalajara or Chihuahua, although travel warnings may prevent Chihuahua)

See a more detailed listing of the destinations here.



For Fall term, apply by February 1

For Spring term, apply by July 1


To begin the application process:

Please contact Kristin Kutella in the Office of International Affairs at kkutella@uic.edu or Professor James Patton at pattonj@uic.edu for more information.  To see more programs offered by UIC’s student exchange program:


Students will be evaluated on the following criteria:

*       Your academic standing (freshman, sophomore, etc)

*       Your current GPA and within major GPA

*       Language ability (for Mexico)

*       Your intended Concentration area

*       A statement of purpose (500 words or more) on why you are applying for this position and how it might help your career plans

*       Letters of Recommendation

*       Your curriculum plan, describing what courses you plan to take and what you plan to do while you are away



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